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Story Analyst Services

how to Save time and effort



Before striking out on your own, consult with a professional. Strengthen your concept, make your story bold, tie your arcs together for maximum impact. Spend the time and effort on the front end and save yourself a ton of time and avoid frustration trying to fix something later that didn't work from the start.

STEP ONE - Concept Analysis - $259

Concept is what the Story is about.

Weak Concept is the bane of all writing. It sinks more careers than any other weakness. Very often, the studio reader, the agent and even the average person will pass on a story because of it's concept. This can't be emphasized enough. Without a good concept, there can be no good story.

Even if you're an exceptional writer, great writing can't save a weak concept. Concept is what makes a reader pick up a book. It's what makes the movie goer buy a ticket. It's what makes a studio head pay for the option. It's what makes the agent start a bidding war.


Concept is the critical first impression. It's what draws a Reader to your work. It's what makes or breaks the sale. So, it's better to tweak your concept in the beginning, even before you do an outline, than to waste months or even years writing something that won't sell.

I'll work personally with you hand-in-hand to examine, strengthen and enlarge your concept, till we make it the absolute best it can be.

Hands down, this is the greatest service in Story Analysis. If you only do this one thing, your odds of success increase dramatically.

STEP TWO - Arc Analysis - $529

The Plot Arc is what happens in the story.

The Character Arc is what happens to the Lead.

Stories are stronger when they have two arcs - a plot and character arc. And, the story is stronger still when the two arcs intersect and depend on one another. Arc Analysis will help you build these two arcs and connect them to one another, in order to achieve a more satisfying read.

Whether you're writing for a studio reader or an agent or just a regular person, you get one shot at catching their attention. If your script doesn't pass the studio reader, it's dead. If your manuscript doesn't pass the agent, it's dead. If your novel doesn't connect with people, it's dead. One chance. That's all you get.

Your career depends on the story the reader is reading right now. If it's not as good as it can be, if it fails at any point, your career is over, because no one will want to see or hear or read your next one. The story you're writing right now must be the best it can be. As my own mentor once told me, "Good enough is no longer good enough."

Through this process, I'll work carefully with you to bring out the two arcs. It's not always easy and sometimes it hurts. But, it's worth the effort. The studio reader will give your script to the producer. The agent will accept your manuscript for publishing. And, your readers will tell everyone they know what a great story you wrote.

STEP THREE - Story Analysis - $745

Story is King. How strong is yours? Let's find out.


Once you've established a strong Concept and mapped out the Plot and Character Arcs, it's time to get to work. I'll work closely with you to solidify each Plot Point (for each Arc), so you know exactly what you have and what you still to need to add.

This process is not for the faint of heart. Mapping a story is hard.

Of course, having a map doesn't mean you have to always stick to the trail you've established, but it ensures that you don't veer too far into the woods and get lost. Plot Points are like guideposts. They keep you on track. They also tell you where you're at along the journey. You know how far you've come and you know how far you have yet to go.

The best thing about Plot Points is they establish the pace. They force you to stay focused and they keep the action moving forward. 

Through this process, I'll work methodically with you to map out a strong, well-paced story that will engage and excite your Reader. As I said, it's not easy and I'll challenge you in ways you never imagined possible. Of course, it's not my goal to make you cry, but I'll understand if you do.


Great stories aren't written by accident. They require an enormous amount of work on the front end. Put in the effort here and you'll save yourself an enormous of time and frustration at the back end. Plus, your Reader will thank you.

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