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What others say about the method

I like JC Admore's method immensely, but it's not always easy to grasp when you're on the newer side of things. 


JC's courses are awesomely educational. They're interactive, which adds to learning.

Once you pass the newbie stage, and with JC's insightful personal assistance, you'll gradually feel more comfortable with the method (AND maybe won't need to get the whole story idea thought out before moving forward with the timeline).

Shhh! Here's a little secret... you're allowed to leave blanks when you don't have something to fit. Just fill them in later.  ;)

-- Norma McClure

It's awesome to see the process JC goes through when helping you to find your story.

The Admore Method is the ONLY method in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!

Especially when you're new. Get as much interaction you can with him. You won't be new for long.

-- Renelle Holly

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