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What is the Admore Method

and how can it help me with my story

The Admore Method is a Recipe Guide

The secret to every good recipe is having the right ingredients, in just the right portions and mixed at the right time.


Some people think, "I don't need a recipe.  I'll just make it up as I go."


But then, they expect us to swallow their experiment like it's some kind of masterpiece... when all it does is leave a bad taste in our mouth.


The same thing happens with writers.


The truth is, recipes exist for a reason.  They're created by seasoned culinarians to help those just starting out. Professional chefs know first hand just how hard it is to "get a masterpiece right."  They understand that it takes time and practice to perfect the art of creating a delicious dish.


Writing is no different.  Those who've spent their lives perfecting the art remember all too well how difficult it was in the beginning. This is why I created the Admore Method.

The Admore Method is a Road Map

The secret to every good journey is knowing where you're going, how far it is between each point and what to expect at each stop.

There are two types of writers in the world - Pantsers and Planners.  Pantsers think, "I don't need a map. I can figure things out as I go."  But then they call on Planners in the middle of the night because they're lost in the boonies with no gas.

Maps exist for a reason.


Seasoned explorers create maps to help the rest of us regular folk get where we're going. Professional explorers know first hand just how difficult it is to reach a destination - especially when the terrain is rough and the distance is vast.


They understand that getting lost gets people killed. And nothing kills a story faster than wandering around lost.


That's the purpose of the Admore Method - to help writers reach their destination as quickly and easily as possible.  And hopefully, enjoy the sights along the way.


The Admore Method is a Source of Inspiration

The secret to finishing something is to keep going.  So, the Admore Method is here for your inspiration when you get lost, when you're stuck, when you run out of steam or when you're falling asleep at the wheel.


Not everyone likes structure.  They find it too constricting.  They feel it limits their creativity.  But, consider a living room.  It has a floor, a ceiling and four walls.  Yet, in spite of this structure (which has been around for centuries), no two living rooms look alike.


Structure doesn't limit creativity.  It frees it, by providing a stable framework upon which to create a masterpiece.  Once the structure is in place, our minds are then free to fill in the space.


And that's where the Admore Method really shines.  It offers an array of options that are available at each stage of the story.  So, if you find yourself stuck, all you have to do is reference the section you're stuck in, to find prompts and suggestions that will not only help you get unstuck but will also help make the section you're working in even better.

Does Your Dialogue Move the Story?

Even seasoned writers struggle with dialogue.  And not for lack of talent. It's because dialogue is not real speech.


Yes, it should sound like real speech, but it can't be structured like it.  Dialogue, like any other element in a story, serves a purpose.  It's purpose is to move the story.


With the Admore Method, you'll find a plethora of of tips and tricks that will make both your dialogue and your story sparkle!

Are Your Stakes High Enough?

Weak Stakes make for Weak Stories.


The Higher the Stakes, the Higher the Tension.


Stakes are what keep a reader up all night on the edge of their seat, biting their fingernails, wondering what will happen next,


With the Admore Method, you'll find a bounty of tips and tricks to raise your stakes and make the reader shiver with delight.

Do Your Characters Have Enough...

There's nothing worse than having a great story filled with flat, cookie-cutter characters.


While there are numerous reasons this happens, there is an easy way to fix it.  Writers have a habit of hiding behind their characters and this is what makes them flat.


With the Admore Method, you'll find a host of easy-to-use tips and tricks that will help you find your caharacters and make them both unique and memorable.

Here's How It Works:

There are several ways to use the Method.


1) Start fresh from the beginning and follow the Method through to completion.


2) Write the major Plot Points, in any order you like, then weave them together later.


3) Use the Method as a source of inspiration for when you get stuck on an already existing project.


4) Edit or enhance a completed project by comparing it to the Method. Choose below which Act you're interested in.

The Admore Method Timeline


The key component of the Admore Method is its Timeline, fashioned after the Universal Human Experience. It lays out the steps we all go through when we face an overwhelming crisis. After all, that's the highest purpose of stories: to show us how real people overcome unreal obstacles. They show us what we're capable of. What it means to be human.

Act I

Act I

Act II, Part I

Act II, Part I

Act II, Part II

Act II, Part II



Wanna know more about what the Admore Method can do for you and your story?
Reach out today and let me know what you need help with.


JC Admore

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